Monday, May 18, 2009


have planted and modified Miraculin for many years and asked academic medical institutions to do experiments on the 'Mysterious Fruit', and have thereby successfully introduced the 'mysterious fruit tablet' and many related products of high quality and without any artificial pigment and preservative elements to the market.
1. 'Mysterious fruit' is an unprecedented sugar-replacing product. Users will not only satisfy their appetite for sweet food but also prevent an over-consumption of sugar that can cause harm to the consumer's health.
2. Children’s health starts from their digesting system the mysterious fruit tablet can stimulate the development of saliva and enhance the child's appetite, digestion, health and taste.
3. Public speakers the mysterious fruit tablet can be used to soothe their throats, and can be used as a good throat protection product after a long day of lectures.
4. Consumption of alcohol since mysterious fruit tablet contains high levels of sugar protein, which can change the way taste buds react; it can enhance the taste and smoothness of alcohol. Even if the drinker is drunk, he/she can still be energetic the next day.
5. Mysterious fruit' tablets contain many types of vitamins and tartaric acid, which can be used for women's beauty products.
6. The PH level of mysterious fruit tablet is 11.9; therefore it is beneficial for the stomach's balance, health and fitness.

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