Monday, May 18, 2009


Mysterious fruit, also known as the "miracle fruit", belongs to Sapotaceae family. Its academic name is Synsepalm dulcificum (Schum.&.Thonn.) Daniell. In Europe and America, it is also called the 'Miraculous Berry' or the 'Miracle Fruit'. Mysterious fruit was originally produced in Western Africa and was introduced in Taiwan ten years ago. In recent years, Taiwan has ameliorated the original Mysterious fruit and marketed it successfully. The Western African aboriginal people eat Mysterious fruit while eating distasteful food, and also use Mysterious fruit to turn palm alcohol's sour flavour into sweet flavour. After having Mysterious fruit before drinking alcohol, Mysterious fruit can turn the taste sweet. The reason is that Mysterious fruit contains a special sugar protein ( Miraculin ) that can make fruit with high levels of sour flavor have a sweet flavor.

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